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Top Online Cosmetics Stores - 2010 Guides

1. sephora.com   Visit sephora.com now!
What began as a retail beauty chain in Europe has now become America’s favorite beauty product store! Now online, Sephora.com is no longer the place for just makeup necessities but for Beauty Central!

There’s “more ways to shop” on Sephora.com. Discover a more efficient way to shop for the same-great products, receive free samples, find those online promotional sale codes, take part in gift registry or just favorite it for a later date. You won’t even have to worry about shipping & handling costs if you meet the free U.S. Standard Shipping requirements! Read reviews and share experiences, feel unabashed to ask product questions and receive the attention you deserve with Sephora’s online customer service! Get the inside scoop on what products are true steals & deals.

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2. avon.com   Visit avon.com now!
If you want to purchase a great cosmetic product while rest assured that you’ll be placing your money where it will best support a cause- Avon is the company for you! A purchase from Avon is a support towards Avon’s life mission work to improve the lives of women.

As a visionary, Avon believes beauty is not just limited to cosmetics but health, fitness, self-empowerment and financial independence. It is a global empire built by women to help women, from awareness of domestic violence to cancerous illnesses such as breast cancer. With the purchase of Avon’s beauty products, scholarships and emergency relief money is donated! By the 50 year milestone, it was documented that Avon raised and awarded $660 million worldwide.

It is clear to see that Avon cares more about the common good of man, a beacon of corporate morality that is also reflective in cosmetic prices! Purchase a number of cosmetic products without even stepping into the double-digit price range. Avon is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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3. marykay.com   Visit marykay.com now!
“A Company with a Heart” is MaryKay’s favorite company slogan, a line that summarizes the great deeds of “social responsibility” that the company has emerged itself into since its creation. Yes, let’s not mistake that MaryKay is a beauty product company- but that doesn’t mean it isn’t part of the worldwide effort to change the lives of women and children!

Mary Kay Ash, one of the greatest female entrepreneurs in history, believes her “social responsibility” is met in three parts: creating products crafted with honesty and integrity, offering opportunities for women to be the independent sales force, and donating a large sum of the earnings to charitable foundations around the world. And we agree, MaryKay is onto something with her global charitable work, positive support in the women’s workforce, and delectable cosmetic products that lures even Hollywood’s starlettes!

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4. amazon.com   Visit amazon.com now!
Using an open-market presentation, Amazon is filled with retailers clamoring to offer their best low price. Not only that, Amazon has long been recognized as a service reliable for its customer review, giving real-life quality-commentary of these beauty products that many other retailers don’t want you to know!

Cheap prices, comprehensive variety, and valuable advice by experienced product users are the reasons to why Amazon beauty products are a great service when it comes to purchasing your every-day beauty needs. As cosmetic prices tend not to fluctuate, sales aren’t the strongest proposition of Amazon. However, Amazon gathers more variety of cosmetics under one service than any other, while supplying an unbiased platform for customers to comment and review. Now this is truly priceless.

Amazon is a highly recommended service for those who want to become knowledgeable about their beauty products before purchasing, while holding the option to “shop” around for the best price.

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5. folica.com   Visit folica.com now!
Though Folica tries to be the beauty expert in all aspects of beauty products, it is best recognized for their hair accessories and tools. And by no means is this an insult! Folica is unlike retail and corporate service sites as they offer the best sales and discounts for these not-so-cheap investments. With a large collection of user reviews, Folica has long been trusted as the site to go for when purchasing beauty tools such as blow dryers, curlers, flat irons, hairbrushes, and more.

Folica sells personalization as well as product, offering an in-depth detail of product review so that customers are sure to find the tool that works on their head-of-hair! It even comes with pictures, examples, statistics, tips & advice, and Q & A so that you’ll know the ins and outs before purchasing.

Don’t fall into sales pitches anymore; use Folica’s collective database of information to make a knowledgeable and informed decision on these one-time investments. Plus, they offer these tools at competitive prices that are unmatched elsewhere!

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6. maccosmetics.com   Visit maccosmetics.com now!
MacCosmetics doesn’t believe in slogans but do expect its artistry to speak for itself. For Mac, it has always been about making makeup application a fun and glamorous event! Stay back all those weak-at-heart, you may not be able to handle MacCosmetics array of vibrant colors, seasonal fun, and special limited editions! Very exclusive and featured only on web and independent retail stores located at high-end department stores, MacCosmetics is a brand that is for the every-day working & party girl. Socialites such as Kim Kardashian, Black Eyed Peas’s Fergie, and Christina Aguilera have long since sworn by MacCosmetics to keep themselves looking starlette-fresh!

With 44 shades of red in lipstick color alone, MacCosmetics is an artistry that offers the affordable tools and products to imitate any look- from sassy to fierce! Another great Mac secret is that they refuse to test on animals and use recycled paper in packaging. They even have “Back-to-Mac” programs to encourage recycling, offering free lipstick as incentives.

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7. fragrancenet.com   Visit fragrancenet.com now!
Being a Fragrance website, it won’t help much unless you already have a set product in mind. For this reason, it’s fair to say that this is a two-step shopping service- finding the perfume you like but purchasing it on Fragrancenet.com for cheaper results!

Not only do you receive an instant 10% coupon upon subscribing to the e-mail newsletters, Fragrancenet.com provides the public with access to the largest inventory of brand name fragrances, skincare, candles, aromatherapy and more- at the lowest possible prices. All products featured on Fragrancenet.com are 100% brand name women’s perfumes and men’s colognes, and do not practice in the business of selling imitations or knock-offs.

Discounts are up to 70% off and there are even more promotional discounts to be had on the web. Fragrancenet.com is the economical alternative to the same great products that keeps you luring others with that unforgettable personal scent.

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8. skinstore.com   Visit skinstore.com now!
If you’ve ever visited an esthetician for a skin rejuvenation session, you’ll know what we are talking about when we refer to the after “glow”. To keep your skin looking fresh, healthy, and happy on a daily basis- you need options of specialized skin products that aren’t offered on the everyday retail market.

Thus SkinStore.com was birthed! A service that offers more than 200 premium brands of skin products typically found only in luxury spas, fine stores and doctors’ offices. Offering customers an incomparable selection for every skin concern, from anti-aging to hyper pigmentation, eczema to sun damage, SkinStore also offers a 115% price protection guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.

You won’t find exceptional shopping experience like this elsewhere, featuring specialized skin care consultations with expert estheticians completely free of charge! There’s even a SkinStore Rewards program which gives you more incentive to care for your skin.

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9. maybelline.com   Visit maybelline.com now!
Maybelline has been a beacon symbol in the world of cosmetics, it’s accessible yet cutting edge cosmetics “with a cool, urban edge” detailed to reflect the New York energy, attitude and style. What began as a small family business is now one of the global marketing cosmetic brands worldwide. Creating natural to dramatic looks for day and night, Maybelline cosmetics is a brand that caters to every skin and color at an affordable drugstore cost.

Now, with Maybelline online, the world of beauty is unveiled in your hands- from behind the scene model footage to your own exclusive beauty profile- Maybelline brings the secrets of the trade to your doorstep. View all of Maybelline’s makeup and tools online, even finding the second alternative to replace an old discontinued favorite.

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10. fragrancex.com   Visit fragrancex.com now!
Fragrancex.com is a great alternative to high-end retail services for the same great selection of perfumes and colognes. What makes FragranceX so great? Fragrancex.com specializes in a collection of discount perfume, discount cologne, discount body lotion, discount after shave and discontinued favorites- all at a low, low price! All types of fragrances are sold in their various forms from unboxed testers, hard to find scents, celebrity, new and top-rated. Without a doubt, all items are 100% authentic designer brands!

The best thing about Fragrancex.com is that it’s an interactive service, allowing users to review on their experience and service. You’ll have the ins and outs on the perfume/cologne before even purchasing! From signature experiences (overpowering or too weak) to its underlying tones (earthy, aquatic, etc), FragranceX.com lets you know exactly what to expect! Saving the best for last, Fragrancex.com not only saves you money when it comes to purchasing, but shipping is absolutely free to anywhere in the world!

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