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Top Online Department Stores - 2010 Guides

1. amazon.com   Visit amazon.com now!
Many people falsely assume that an online department store needs to rely on a physical store to become successful. Although many online department stores have been made popular by their previously established retailers, some sites grew and flourished as the internet developed. Although these sites don’t fit the template of a traditional department store, they do sell all of the same products as the “true” department stores, often at an unbeatable price. Amazon.com is one of the most popular and reputable online department stores, selling everything from clothing to electronics, and beauty products to furniture. Whatever you’re planning on purchasing, you will be able to find it with ease on Amazon.com for a great price. Apparel, groceries, tools, you name it. They’ve got it on Amazon.com.

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2. walmart.com   Visit walmart.com now!
Walmart.com is an excellent discount department store, where you will find all sorts of affordable products. Although they may not be exactly the same as traditional department stores, Walmart can still offer you great clothing styles, home goods, electronics and more. Like other discount retailers, Walmart contracts fashion designers to create exclusive lines for their store. For Spring 2009, they contracted designer Norma Komali, whose Walmart line has received numerous awards. You don’t have to sacrifice amazing style in order to fit your budget. Walmart carries plenty of name brand electronics, computers, televisions and more -- from companies that you know and trust like Apple, Sony and Toshiba. If you’re buying department store products on a budget, you can find them at Walmart.com.

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3. target.com   Visit target.com now!
Target.com is a great online department store. Target made its name as a discount retailer, but we also believe that it fulfills all of the necessary requirements to qualify as a department store. On Target.com, you can select from a wide array of fashions, home goods, toys, electronics and accessories. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone you love, Target has tons of options and really great gift ideas. They have lots of name brand cosmetics and beauty products, as well as fabulous shoes and clothes for the entire family. Target pioneered the discounter’s trend of contracting famous designers to create exclusive lines, having previously hosted such popular designers as Isaac Mizrahi and Sonia Kashuk. If you want department store items for bargain store prices – look no further than Target.com.

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4. sears.com   Visit sears.com now!
Sears.com is an excellent place to shop for the entire family. Many people are familiar with the reliable, durable products that can be found in Sears stores (especially their exclusive brands like Kenmore and Craftsman). Luckily for you, Sears.com maintains the same caliber of excellence. Whether you are shopping for clothes, appliances, tools, beauty products, furniture and more – you are sure to find it on Sears.com. With an easily navigable site, and a wide selection of items that everyone can enjoy, Sears.com is a great resource for all online clothing shoppers.

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5. jcpenney.com   Visit jcpenney.com now!
JcPenney.com is a wholesome department store that the entire family can enjoy. With a great selection of fashions for women, men, teens, kids and babies – JcPenney.com is a fun site to browse. Their items are all reasonably priced, particularly in the "Outlet" section, where merchandise is significantly discounted. One of our favorite departments at JC Penney is their extensive furniture department. At JcPenny.com, it’s easy to shop for everything you and your family need. The site is extremely user-friendly, too! That means that even the least experienced online shippers can have a great time browsing for items on JcPenney.com. Their secure server and premiere customer service policies make them an extremely reliable and reputable website. Start shopping for all of your department store needs on JcPenney.com.

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6. macys.com   Visit macys.com now!
Macy’s is one of the most trusted and established department stores in the world. Their website, Macys.com, encompasses all of the style and elegance that you’ve come to expect from the store. At Macys.com you can find popular clothing brands, as well as a wide selection of styles and apparel. From DKNY to Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein – all of the names you know are available through Macys.com. At Macys.com you will find designer clothes, beauty products, handbags and accessories, as well as truly superior quality in furniture, baby gear and home appliances. So whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, you are sure to find the styles that you want from brand names you know and trust at Macy’s.

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7. overstock.com   Visit overstock.com now!
When most people think about online department stores, they think of Macy’s, Sears and JC Penney. We have been trained to correlate the physical structures that we see in daily life with our perceptions of what a department store is. Well our website is here to tell you that those are not the only department stores out there. Overstock.com actually fulfills all of the requirements to qualify as a department store, offering amazing discounts on popular products that many of us buy from places like Macy’s or Sears. With enormous savings on designer clothes, jewelry, furniture, bed, bath and more – Overstock.com is a great alternative to department store prices. If you’d like to save money without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the products you buy, you should start shopping on Overstock.com.

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8. kmart.com   Visit kmart.com now!
K-mart is a large American discount department store. Their website, K-mart.com, offers every item you’d expect from a department store and more! They have trendy fashions for women, men and kids, as well as an extensive jewelry selection, home goods section and more. After having been acquired by Sears, Kmart also began to offer popular Kenmore appliances and Die Hard Sears tools at an affordable price. They have lots of seasonal sales on their website, and it’s easy to find exclusive online deals. The site is easy enough for anyone to use, and has a great selection of styles and items that are extremely affordable. If you’re shopping on a budget, you can find great substitutes for all of your department store items at Kmart.com.

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9. kohls.com   Visit kohls.com now!
Kohl’s is a value-oriented, family focused department store which specializes in offering quality items at low prices. Many people have speculated that Kohl’s is the ultimate hybrid of a discount store and a department store. Their website, Kohls.com, offers a wide range of sales and selections on typical department store merchandise (such as beauty products, clothing, home goods, electronics and accessories). While Kohl’s does carry many notable designer names (how Macy’s or JC Penny does), it also sponsors its own unique clothing lines (the way Target and Walmart do). A great example of this is the Kohl’s-only “Simply Vera” line by Vera Wang. Designer craftsmanship at discounted prices – that’s what users can expect to find on Kohls.com.

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10. nordstrom.com   Visit nordstrom.com now!
Nordstrom is an exceptional high end department store. Competing with other high end stores such as Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom tries to stand out through their incomparable customer service. Nordstrom employees are trained to treat all of their customers to a pleasant shopping environment and that dedication is fully translated into their website. Nordstrom.com has all of the fashion, beauty and home goods that buyers expect, but it also has a number of guarantees and policies that can’t be beat. They have no time limit on their returns, and also offer price-matching guarantees (if you see the same shoe for a cheaper price somewhere else, Nordstrom.com will match that price for you). Nordstrom.com is a credible, honest website that truly values its users.

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11. dillards.com   Visit dillards.com now!
Dillard’s is a popular American department store. Established in 1969 by William T Dillard, the chain has grown from a single store into a national retailer. With hundreds of locations nationwide, Dillard’s has become a very well respected name in the department store business. Their website, Dillards.com, offers users a wide selection of brand names and quality items. You will find cosmetics, home goods, clothes for the entire family, fragrances, shoes and handbags on Dillards.com. Their prices and designers are similar to those of Macy’s and Sears – so if you are familiar with either of those two stores, you may become a big fan of Dillards.com. The site is well designed and easy to use, and offers many exclusive online deals!

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12. buy.com   Visit buy.com now!
Buy.com is a nonconventional department store website. Although they do not have regular in-person stores that can be visited, Buy.com is still a very successful department store website with many followers. The website functions by matching up distributers (who would normally be selling their stock wholesale to retailers) with regular customers, making very little profit off of their actual sales. The majority of their revenue originally came in from advertisements and warrantees, which afforded their customers maximum savings. Now, as a large site with many different departments, Buy.com continues to flourish through their sales. You can buy practically anything on Buy.com, from clothing and shoes, to books, electronics, sporting goods, music, home goods and more. Although it may not be a traditional department store, it certainly is a successful one.

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13. meijer.com   Visit meijer.com now!
Meijer is technically a “hypermarket” store, but we have chosen to include it in our category of department stores because its website shares many traits with department store websites. Although you cannot buy clothes there, there are several departments within the store that offer items for your home, including groceries, furniture, electronics and jewelry. While Meijer may not seem like a traditional department store, users may be surprised by the wide array of products that can be purchased through Meijer.com. Whether you’re hoping to purchase furniture and toys for a new baby’s room, or sporting goods and electronics for dad and the boys – Meijer has everything that you need to support a happy family. Meijer.com places a great emphasis on quality and value.

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14. bloomingdales.com   Visit bloomingdales.com now!
Bloomingdale’s is an American luxury department store that offers an extraordinary selection of designer fashions and products. Conveniently placed at a slightly lower price point than competitors Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s New York, Bloomingdale’s still offers the same fabulous designer threads that elite individuals crave. Their website, Bloomingdales.com, sells home goods, jewelry, accessories, beauty products, clothes for the whole family, and more. The site features the option of shopping by brand or by category, allowing users to shop more conveniently and efficiently. There are often discounts on shipping as well as limited time exclusive online offers on Bloomindales.com. The items that are sold on Bloomingdales.com are of a very high quality, and definitely worth every penny.

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15. boscovs.com   Visit boscovs.com now!
Boscov’s is an excellent middle-of-the line department store which carries everyday brands at reasonable prices. Although they do not stock many of the higher end designer clothing brands that some department stores do, their website has a wide range of categories to select from. The brands that they stock are well known and respected, such as Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Nine West and Ralph Lauren. Their accessories and beauty department carry all of the names that you’d expect from a department store, such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Juicy Couture and Elizabeth Arden. At Boscovs.com, home goods, toys, accessories and sporting goods can be found alongside fashions, fragrances and beauty products. Many of Boscov’s items are marked down and offered at seriously reduced prices.

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16. saksfifthavenue.com   Visit saksfifthavenue.com now!
Saks Fifth Avenue is a high-end American department store. Known for their designer brands and luxurious clothing, their flagship store is situated on the fashion forward Fifth Avenue in New York City. As one of the leading high-end retailers in the nation, they are the main competition for stores such as Neiman Marcus, Barney’s New York and Bloomingdale’s. For shoppers who are interested in quality designer brands, SaksFifthAvenue.com is a site to be reckoned with. Their simple search filters and crisp, clear images make it a breeze to navigate; and with an amazing selection of department store essentials, the site has much to offer. Whether you’re browsing for shoes, handbags, clothing, or even gourmet food, they’ve got it on SaksFifthAvenue.com.

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17. burlingtoncoatfactory.com   Visit burlingtoncoatfactory.com now!
Burlington Coat Factory offers discounts of up to 60% off of department store prices on the name brands that you’ve grown to love. While the stores may afford great selection and convenience for shoppers, the website caters more towards first time parents. Online, Burlingtoncoatfactory.com only offers Coats or items from the “Baby Depot”. The Baby Depot includes practically everything you need for a new child, from clothing to cribs, changing tables and more. The Coat department is fairly successful as well, granting shoppers access to unbelievable discounts on name brand items.

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18. neimanmarcus.com   Visit neimanmarcus.com now!
Neiman Marcus is a luxury department store. It is one of the most extravagant and expensive department stores, often associated with superstar designers and unmatchable quality. Their passion for fashion, home goods and quality beauty products is evidenced by their truly stellar lineup of brands. NeimanMarcus.com is a very convenient way to shop for the accessories and fashions from your favorite high-end brands, including big names like Gucci, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Vera Wang, Roberto Cavalli and more. All of the biggest names in the fashion industry dream of having their clothes retailed through Neiman Marcus (and other luxury department stores like Barney’s). Now, consumers like you have the opportunity to shop for these extravagant and amazing items from the convenience of your own home.

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19. belk.com   Visit belk.com now!
With stores located all over the Southern part of the United States, Belk has certainly become a popular department store. Founded in 1881, Belk has a long history of commitment to American shoppers. Their website, Belk.com, was recently revamped on September 15, 2008, and now fully represents the quality and convenience that consumers expect from Belk. If you are unfamiliar with Belk.com, or are familiar with the old Belk.com, you will be surprised to see the site’s wide selection of fashions, fragrances, accessories and home goods. While Belk.com does stock many affordable items, they also carry designer products – the best of both worlds! Most of the items on Belk.com are affordable and practical, making it an excellent website for the everyday person.

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20. lordandtaylor.com   Visit lordandtaylor.com now!
When Samuel Lord and George Washington Taylor decided to found a store in 1826, it became one of the most influential establishments in American history. Situated on Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor, or L&T, became the first upscale-luxury department store. As the chain expanded, it concentrated on the Eastern coast of the United States. But now, with LordandTaylor.com, anyone can have access to the luxurious selection of men’s, women’s and children’s fashions, in addition to designer fragrances and accessories. Lordandtaylor.com is one of the most trusted and respected department store websites. Their site features all of the hottest fashions from luxury designers. If you are looking for designer clothes and unprecedented attention to customer satisfaction, you should be shopping on Lordandtaylor.com.

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