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Top Online Jewelry Stores - 2010 Guides

1. bidz.com   Visit bidz.com now!
Bidz.com is the #1 Jewelry Auctions service, live 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This isn’t the traditional purchase and delivery Jeweler, which makes it all the more fun! Bidding begins at $1 and is conducted in a “short-term format that typically lasts less than one hour”. There is a great selection of fine jewelry that includes gold, silver, platinum, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches.

If customers are unsatisfied, there is even a 100% refund if the item is not as described. This is a great way to purchase otherwise expensive fine jewelry for a lower cost. And unlike traditional auctions, bids are quick and easy, with results to show within an hour! This has all the feel and excitement of a real auction on products that are on par with the quality of Zales, May Company, and Wal Mart.

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2. bluenile.com   Visit bluenile.com now!
Blue Nile has helped supply engagement rings to over 150,000 proposals. If this isn’t a testimony to its reliability, we don’t know what is! Though many are skeptical in the idea of purchasing diamonds through an online server compared to the traditional retail store, Blue Nile has proven in numerous occasions that it is competitive to the best-of-the-best, including Tiffany & Co. Making the Forbes Favorite list every year since its inauguration in 2000, and hosting their own profile in The New York Times and Fortune Magazine- Blue Nile is truly something to believe in!

Offering thousands of GIA and AGSL certified diamond, and the guidance and education to help choose the perfect diamond- Blue Nile has built itself an empire as the largest online retailer of the highest quality certified diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry, offering exceptional selection and value.

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3. amazon.com   Visit amazon.com now!
Precious gems and stones are the focus of interest at Amazon.com. With savings of up to 78%, seasonal sales of up to 30% off, and an extra $25 on orders over $100- Amazon.com makes sure the numbers increase in karat size and decease by the bill. The extensive category features it all from Diamond to Platinum, Pearl to Watch, Gemstone to Silver! Product review open to all customers by text or video form allows for the realist feedback ever seen! While quality ratings, suggested items, detailed product specifications and zoom technology are given to ensure customers’ confidence. With a constant influx of “new arrivals”, these are jewelry that are equally popular on the marketplace as well as on the retail floor. Providing a service that allows jewelry fans to invest without paying the added costs, Amazon is the way to go!

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4. zales.com   Visit zales.com now!
Zales believes that fine jewelry is the perfect gift, acceptable in any social occasion. To achieve that speechless ‘wow’, follow the Z trend and give the gift that everyone wants to receive! Whether this occasion includes an engagement ring, anniversary, new mother, birthday, wedding party or graduation- Zales features an economical variety for both men and women to appreciate. Trusted since 1924, Zales wants to accentuate every milestone and help celebrate with the perfect gift that says “I love you”.

Easy to personalize, you can specify your every qualification with Zales’ online database and have it delivered within 2 days! Zales is easy, and affordable- with prices ranging from under $100 and a little over $1000. Unlike other Jewelers, Zales doesn't believe its products should be limited to a certain class- the reason to why Zales makes their fine jewelry accessible to everyone!

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5. ice.com   Visit ice.com now!
As one of the top 50 internet retailers, Ice.com is one of the largest and most respected online Jewelers. Over half a million customers have entrusted Ice with their jewelry needs since 1999, helping build Ice to be the trusted virtual destination for diamond jewelry, engagement rings, and fashion jewelry. With a philosophy to simply offer their customers “extraordinary values on exceptional selection of diamond and fashion jewelry”, Ice holds best value, quality, service and selection of diamond, pearl and gemstone jewelry in the world.

Striving to stay ahead of style and fashion trends, Ice brings only the “latest in jewelry styles”. Proactive and innovative in their approach, Ice has been noted by business leaders such as: Wall Street Journal, Internet Retailer, DM News, Success Magazine and The New York Times. With their signature gift box to add, there is nothing that Ice can’t competitively offer against other high-retail brands.

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6. overstock.com   Visit overstock.com now!
Overstock is a platform that features sales, auctions, and offers by other companies for the ultimate goal of the lowest price for the valued customers. With shipping rates that are $2.95 on the total order, Overstock entices users to take advantage of the internet and the “over-stock(ed)” products that are set at sale for dirt cheap prices. With a clean template, Overstock is simple to use with featured items that are truly one of a kind.

Though the auction option is available, Overstock specializes in new and unused items to be sold. Overstock Jewelry, which is only a subsection, has one of the largest catalogues for luxury jewelry! From wedding rings to fashion jewelry, there is a wide assortment of gems to be found here!

Each individual product page is outlined with a sale price, 5-star rating, warranty, status on limited accessibility, extensive product description, and customer reviews. By judging on the amount of customer reviews given for these products that can range up to $10,000- we can say that Overstock is a highly trusted and respected jewelry-service on the web.

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7. tiffany.com   Visit tiffany.com now!
Tiffany & Co. has long been a classic icon in the world of luxurious amenities. Design, style, cut, and stones are all carefully chosen with precision- an interest in the small details that has helped build Tiffany’s jewelry into a world-class brand name. As a socially responsible industry leader, Tiffany holds higher standards when it comes to mine development and human rights violation. All purchases through Tiffany’s will go through the rigors of Tiffany’s social and environmental commitments such as sustainability and conservation.

Timeless and classic, Tiffany’s jewelry is affordable across any economic scale. From Sterling Silver to Platinum, Tiffany provides a refined quality, superb reliability, and a personalized customer service incomparable elsewhere.

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8. kay.com   Visit kay.com now!
As the slogan claims “every kiss begins with Kay”, Kay jewelers are recognized as the experts in the field of romance and jewelry. Providing the perfect gem to present to your beloved, Kay offers the perfect combination of self-personalization, quality materials, and master craftsmanship to create the jewelry that is true to you! Featuring diamonds, gemstones, silver and gold- Kay has a wide ranging variety that appeases every pocket. With a 20-40% off on selected diamond specials, Kay always gives you a reason to appreciate someone in your life today!

Popular for their Leo Diamond, Kay offers a clarity and quality that shines and sparkles above any other diamond. That’s the Leo promise, a brilliance that surpasses on five different criterias. There is no other jeweler that will certify your diamond report like Kay!

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9. diamond.com   Visit diamond.com now!
Since 1999, Diamond has been one of Internet’s most trusted and respected destination for certified diamonds and fine jewelry. Offering privacy, security, and convenience of online shopping- Diamond guarantees their purchases with unconditional money-back refund as well as extraordinary values on the largest inventory of certified diamonds in the world. A visit to the Diamond store is a special shopping experience as the World Class Sales & Service Team and Jewelry Experts personally cater to the customer to find the “perfect diamond” to be cherished forever.

The fabulous collection is all made with quality and styles, using only the top-quality select stones. On top of that, each purchase also comes in their “specially designed signature gift box”- creating an overall ambiance that sells the “Diamond”!

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10. macys.com   Visit macys.com now!
Macy’s is perfect for those special occasions where jewelry buying or gift-giving is a must! Online promotional offers at Macy’s can range from 20-50%, with an extra 10% just to add! Renowned for their holiday sales, Macy features the best selection of jewelry from diamonds to modern eclectics. This is place where fashion and jewelry design gather together at one affordable price. Fashion designer brands like D&G, Betsey Johnson, Anne Klein, Emporio Armani, and Diesel- are just a few to name off the long list.

Take advantage of the clearance, sales, under $99, and under $199 bargain-deal categories- you’ll be surprised to find expensive diamond encrusted bracelets at a going-rate of over 60% off. With a retail price to display, you’ll always recognize a bargain at Macy’s.

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